It seems like having powerful and working batteries always makes things easier and more fun, especially when it comes to Game Boys, flashlights for camping trips, and - most importantly - your Land Rover.

Each Land Rover model is outfitted with a powerful battery to help the vehicle start up and run smoothly no matter if you are on the highway or a barely-explored nature trail. However, those batteries wear out over time and will eventually die - which is something you don't want to happen on a day when you are running late for work or are out in the middle of nowhere.

While some vehicle parts replacements can be done by yourself with no trouble, that is not the case with a car battery. Not only are they quite heavy, but also very dangerous if you have little experience with them. Batteries are filled with acid, and while most of that acid disappears over the course of driving and using the battery, there could still be a potential leak that can cause a serious injury.

Keep yourself safe by leaving the battery switch to the service professionals here at Land Rover Fairfield. Each of our technicians is specially trained to know the mechanical layout of each Land Rover model, how to identify problems and potential hazards, and how to safely and efficiently fix them.

How Long Does a Land Rover Battery Last?

When it comes to the lifespan of a Land Rover battery, there is no true answer. There are several factors that can cause one vehicle's battery to die sooner than another vehicle's. These factors can include the upkeep of your vehicle and what kind of extreme temperatures it is exposed to.

Once your Land Rover model's battery reaches three years of age, have it regularly inspected (twice a year) by our team.

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