When you purchase a Land Rover, you will experience the ultimate amount of luxury, performance, and quality. However, your Land Rover needs some TLC to help it run as perfectly as the day you bought it. One component that will need to be changed regularly is the set of brakes.

Your Land Rover model's brakes are extremely important as they can help the vehicle slow down or stop at a moment's notice. Over time, those brakes wear out and you start to notice that it takes longer to stop and you are constantly in danger of rear-ending someone. Luckily, you don't have to go far to find top-notch service for your Land Rover. Here at Land Rover Fairfield, our service and parts centers are set up so that we can perform routine maintenance and make repairs (big and small).

Since Land Rover is a luxury brand hailing from the British Isles, some parts can be a little challenging to find in your average auto parts store. Instead of struggling to find what you need, just bring your vehicle to us. We have all the parts needed to get the job done, and our service experts are specially trained to know the ins and outs of each Land Rover model.

How Long Do Land Rover Brake Pads Last?

The longevity of a Land Rover model's brake pads vary from driver to driver, and it greatly depends on how often you need to use them (like during heavy traffic with lots of red lights) and your personal driving style. For some people, the brake pads need to be changed every 25,000 miles, while other drivers are able to make them last three times that amount.

You can usually tell that it is time to change your brakes when it takes longer to come to a complete stop or you can feel a vibration/pulsing or hear a squealing sound when you apply the brakes.

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