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Tending to your vehicle can be stressful enough as it is, and adding in the commute to our dealership shouldn't make it worse. We here at Land Rover Fairfield want to make every step of your automotive journey as succinct and easy as possible. That's why we have created step-by-step directions from multiple different locations to ensure that you can get to us without any headaches.

Directions from Bridgeport, CT to Land Rover Fairfield

Coming from Bridgeport, CT? Many of our customers come to us from Bridgeport because they trust that our sales associates are helpful and knowledgeable to get them into what they need.

  • Begin by heading west on Fairfield Avenue toward Broad Street for a little over a mile and a half.
  • Then, you will turn right onto State Street Ext where you will pass by the McDonald's on the left.
  • From there, you will turn left and then Land Rover Fairfield will be on the left.

Less than 15-Minute Drive from Norwalk, CT

  • Start by heading south on East Avenue toward Morgan Avenue
  • Then you will turn left onto the Interstate 95 North ramp to New Haven
  • From there, merge onto I-95 North where you will drive a little over ten and a half miles.
  • You'll take exit 25 for Commerce Drive and then you'll merge onto Coolidge Street
  • Once on Coolidge Street you will turn left onto Commerce Drive
  • Finally, you will turn right and then Land Rover Fairfield will be on your left.

Land Rover Fairfield Serving Brookfield, CT

Not only do we sell quality vehicles but many of our customers coming from Brookfield, CT, visit us for their service needs. Our service center uses only quality Land Rover parts and will ensure the best practices for your vehicle. To get to Land Rover Fairfield from Brookfield, CT read on below.

  • Begin by following Ct-25 South, Currituck Road and CT-25 South to Bridgeport for nearly 30 miles.
  • Once you're on your way to Bridgeport, you'll turn left and then Land Rover Fairfield will be on the left.

Find Land Rover Fairfield from Milford, CT

We try to make your experience as seamless as possible and we continue to serve our Milford, CT drivers with the utmost support. Whatever you need, whether its no money down financing or a simple oil change, we have your back.

  • Start by getting on I-95 South from Boston Post Road and High Street
  • Next, you will follow I-95 South to CT-130 East/Fairfield Avenue in Bridgeport where you then will take exit 25 from I-95 South
  • From there, you will take State Street Ext to Land Rover Fairfield

Short Half Hour Drive from Newtown, CT

Serving our Newtown, CT drivers for years, they come to us for their used vehicle inquries. We carry a comprehensive inventory not only of Land Rover vehicles but also other well-known brands like Porche, Jaguar, and Toyota, to name a few.

  • To get to Land Rover Fairfield, you will start by following CT-25 South to Bridgeport for nearly 22 miles.
  • After that, you will turn left and Land Rover Fairfield will be on your left.

Simple Drive from New Haven, CT to Land Rover Fairfield

Getting to Land Rover Fairfield has never been easier when you're traveling from New Haven, CT. Every step of the way, we are there to make sure you're getting all your questions answered so that you can feel like you're making an informed decision.

  • Coming from New Haven you'll begin by getting on I-91 South from Elm Street and Orange Street.
  • Next you will follow I-95 South to CT-130 East/Fairfield Avenue in Bridgeport where you will take exit 25 from I-95 South.
  • Finally, you will take State Street Ext to your destination.

What Makes Land Rover Fairfield Worth Visiting

Living in Stratford, CT you want to make sure that your vehicle is running in tip-top shape and to do so you'll want to visit us. Once you arrive, our sales associates will walk you through our inventory of quality Land Rovers. They will work closely with you to understand what you need in a vehicle and some of the features that you might be looking for. From there, one of our sales associates can present you with a list of vehicles that might suit your lifestyle.

After you've chosen one that you could see yourself driving around Westport, CT, we can direct you to our finance center. There, our finance specialists will ask you to fill our a finance application to determine what kind of finance options work for you.

And, if you're not in the market for a new or used vehicle, you can check out our service center that can get your current car back in action. We can diagnose and fix your vehicle if you're not sure what's wrong with it, and we can also deliver you parts that you might need if you're looking to do it yourself.

Stop by Land Rover Fairfield for More Information Today

Whether you're looking for a new vehicle or a trying to service your current one, we are here to help! Thanks to our simple step-by-step set of directions from various locations that are just a short drive away from Land Rover Fairfield, you'll reach us in no time.

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