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Pete 29 Jul 2016
Same as always, very professional.`````````````````````````````````
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Barney C., Charlotte, NC 11 Jan 2014
I've had my car serviced here twice and both times the process went extremely smooth. The first time was to address a low oil coolant warning light and the second was the standard 10K mileage service.  My car is leased and under warranty so there was no cost on my end and the service staff were... very accommodating when setting up my service appointments and allowing me to reschedule. They got me in and out quickly when I ask them to because I had a meeting I couldn't miss. They will provide you with a loaner car if necessary and the small waiting area has free coffee. All and all, I've had a good experience in terms of service and can't really speak on the car buying process here. Show more
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Patrick M., West Hartford, CT 22 Feb 2013
Purchased a 2006 low mileage Range Rover.  Dealt with Chris to purchase and he did a nice job.  I took it back twice; once to fix a clogged rear washer and the second to fix a problem with the front suspension.  Both under the 60 day warranty.  Provided a loaner as I'm 60 miles from the  Mike was professional and pleasant.  There are risks when you buy a used car and I expect that I may have to put some money into it.  I think they did a good job and I'd recommend them to friends. Show more
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