What Makes the 2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport the Perfect Home for the Holidays Vehicle?

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2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport driving in the winter with snow flying

Is the 2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport Good for Holiday Travel?

The holiday season is finally here! We have to admit, the best place in the United States to celebrate the holidays is on the East Coast – especially right here in Connecticut. Whether it is in the city or the country, Connecticut offers a beautiful, snow-covered holiday picture that makes you eager to visit your relatives. If you need a vehicle to help get you over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house, one of your best options is the 2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport. So what makes this luxury compact SUV the ultimate home for the holidays vehicle? Read on to find out!

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4-Wheel Drive

Dark Gray 2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport driving through a snow tunnelAs beautiful as that Connecticut snow is, it can be challenging to drive on if you have the wrong type of vehicle. That is definitely not the case with the 2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport (or any Land Rover model for that matter). Thanks to 4-wheel drive, this SUV delivers the power and traction you need to handle those snow-covered roads with confidence.

Expansive Cargo Space

Are you planning to transport lots of holiday gifts for your family? How about your kids’ sleds so they can have some outdoor fun with the cousins? Are you staying with your relatives for several days? Then you are going to need lots of space for everything that you need to take along when you go home for the holidays! The 2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport is ready to help you out with its 34.6 to 62.75 cubic feet of cargo space.

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Entertainment to Keep Everyone Occupied

Although Connecticut is small and you can get from one end of the state to the other within a couple of hours, that can feel like an eternity for your little ones. Thankfully, the 2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport can be outfitted with infotainment systems so you and the family can stream some great audio options (Maybe Frank Sinatra’s holiday album? Or perhaps a read-aloud version of Twas the Night Before Christmas?). If you check out the interior accessories available for the 2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport, you can also find iPad mounts so the kids can watch A Charlie Brown Christmas while you concentrate on the roads.

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