How Thick Does Lake Ice Need to Be to Hold My Land Rover?

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An ice fishing tent sitting on an ice-covered lake

Ice Thickness Guide for Land Rover Vehicles

One of the best things about living in Connecticut is that we can take advantage of a huge variety of winter activities. While we love snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling, our favorite wintertime activity has to be ice fishing. We have to admit, we LOVE driving our Land Rover out on the ice to our secret spot (and we won’t ever tell you where it is). Some folks may think that we are crazy, but as long as the ice is thick enough, we should be good to go! So how thick should the ice be in order to hold our Land Rover? Read on and find out!

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How Thick Does Ice Need to Be for My Land Rover?

Dark Gray 2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport driving through a snow tunnelIt all really depends on what kind of ice is on the lake. If it is fresh ice and clear or blue in color, it should be no less than eight inches thick to support your Land Rover model. To be honest, we prefer to err on the side of caution and have the ice be at least 12 inches thick. If the ice is older and is gray or white in color, it should be double the thickness.

To find out how thick the ice is, talk to the local DNR office or bait shops located near the lake.

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Other Cautions to Take on the Ice with Your Land Rover

Since ice is lighter in weight compared to water, it is quite buoyant. However, it will sink over time when it is holding a heavy vehicle like your Land Rover. That is why it is important to move your Land Rover once every couple of hours. You should also park it at least 50 feet away from other vehicles on the ice.

Have fun and stay safe this winter!

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